Oven Repair

Are you stressed because your oven is not fulfilling your kitchen desires? Are you wondering what the problem could be or what to do next? Count your gas or electric oven problem already solved.

We are here as your ultimate solution to your oven problems. You can reach out to us for all your oven repair professionals at Onefservice. 

Whatever the make, ovens suffer from a few common problems. Please find below the list of the oven related problems our technicians can fix same day:

  • Burner does not ignite: The easiest way to make sure it is a burner problem is by exchanging it with another burner. If it is not that burner, the problem could be with the switch or with the receptacle.
  • Burner very hot, whatever the setting: It is due to a bad switch
  • Indicator light stays on: This is also due to a bad switch
  • Oven door is stuck and does not open: It can be due to a defective ERC or a misaligned self-clean latch. The oven control can also be the problem.
  • Oven does not self-clean: It may be due to a defective function selector switch or a faulty self-clean switch. It can also happen if self-clean latch is misaligned or bent.